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Monday, October 31, 2005

Solar Powered LED Address Numbers and Letters

Somehow, I don't think my wife will let me put these on the house. But still, it would be nice to be able to see house numbers in the dark when you're looking for your boss's house for the holiday party.

# Solar powered, requires no electricity
# Lit up by a red LED; never need to be replaced
# Holds 1,000 hours of battery stored energy
# Unit turns on and off automatically
# Waterproof and weatherproof
# Visible at night from 200 feet away
# Each unit comes with complete set of digits 0-9 and a hyphen
# 3" tall numbers - Letters are available on request
# Environmentally friendly
# 2 Year Warranty
# Numbers snap together, get as many as you need for your house number
# Easy installation with just two screws
# Can be attached to any surface:brick, concrete, wood, stucco, siding, shingles
# Contemporary styling fits any house
# Other applications include car, truck, boat, and plane numbering and letters, building numbers and letters, suite or room numbers, post or station numbers, many other identification uses,


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