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Thursday, January 26, 2006


I think the IZ is just plain fun. Capable of playing music from your iPod or your stereo system, this is a great toy for kids. Twist his ears or push his belly to modulate the sounds. Kids will love his sound effects and his eye movements. I've seen them in red, green and blue.

BTW, this is a toy for kids, so don't buy it as a cheap speaker for your iPod. You won't enjoy the results.

Monday, January 09, 2006

RDS Radio

The RDS radio allows you to see what station, what song, and what type of music the station plays on it's easy to read LCD screen. It's the latest technology for radios. If the music station sends out the right signal (and this is the only drawback), the RDS Radio will tell you what type of music (light rock, country, rap, pop, etc...) and what song is playing. It will even tell you the artist. There are input and output jacks so you can hook up your iPod or CD players. It even comes with an alarm clock

Product Specifications
* High Fidelity AM/FM radio
* Digital Radio
* Radio Data System (RDS) built-in
* PLL synthesized tuning system
* Clock Alarm: (wake to buzzer or radio)
* Rotary tuning
* Variable bass treble controls
* Auxiliary input jack
* Record output jack
* Headphone jack
* 10 memory preset
* 7 watts
* Full function remote
* Wooden enclosure
* Available in Black, White, or Walnut
* Weight: 5.5 lbs.
* Dimensions: 4.5"H x 9.5"W x 6"D

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