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Thursday, December 22, 2005

World Poker Tour

A plug and play that allows you to play Texas Hold'Em right on your TV. The DVD comes with everything you need to get started. There's a nice tutorial that's good for beginners or experts. You can play with up to 6 players at home or challenge the computer by yourself. In Tournament mode can follow the World Poker Tour through a full calendar season.

Play up to six players On-screen tutorials
Built-n memory (play a full season) LCD personal card view screen
Plugs directly into your screen Runs on four AA batteries (not included)

You can read more reviews over at Amazon on the World Poker Tour plug and play game controller.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The 7-Foot Upside-Down Pre-Lit Christmas Tree at Hammacher Schlemmer

What more could I add to this? A 7 foot upside down tree that you can fit more gifts under? What will they think of next?
The 7-Foot Upside-Down Pre-Lit Christmas Tree at Hammacher Schlemmer:
The 7-Foot Upside-Down Pre-Lit Christmas Tree
Evoking a 12th century Central European tradition of hanging a tree from the ceiling at Christmas, this unique 7' pre-lit fir is inverted to ensure a smaller footprint for less-spacious areas, and allowing more room for the accumulation of presents underneath. Originally designed for specialty stores to display delicate ornaments using a minimum of floor space, the unusual tapering shape allows the tree to stand in places that do not accommodate a traditional holiday tree, such as between two armchairs or in a corner.

Star Wars Episode 3 Plug and Play

Looking to play Star Wars, but don't have a console to play with? Try the Plug and Play version on your TV. There are 5 different games to choose from, including flying and mock light saber duels.

Experience all of the excitement of Star Wars on one controller
Relive classic arcade game from the 80s; choose from 5 different new games
Fight enemy droids and pilot rebel ships in intense space combat
Lightweight, compact, all-inclusive controller; games stored in joystick
Play anywhere there is a TV with ATV input jacks; no gaming console required

Read more about the Star Wars Plug and Play machine.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tiger TV Mission Paintball Games

Want to play paintball, but can't get a game together today? Or do you just want to practice your tactics before your next outing? Play Tiger TV Mission Paintball

Play action-packed paintball games right on your TV
Choose from a range of realistic scenes and blast your way through 8 levels of competition
Play with friends or solo
Marker gun looks and feels like the real thing

See more reviews over of Tiger TV Mission Paintball at Amazon.com

Friday, December 16, 2005

CD/DVD Title Printer at Hammacher Schlemmer

I can imagine using this at home or at the office. It certainly makes life easier to be able to produce a cd label just like that.

CD/DVD Title Printer at Hammacher Schlemmer:
Our thermal printer puts titles directly onto discs for a studio-produced appearance that’s permanent and safe. It creates up to 16 lines in any of 18 alphanumeric or four graphic preset formats at 200 dpi.

Micro Vectron - I Want One Of Those

Again, I definitely would love to have one of these floaty, flying things flying throughout my home. I can just imagine chasing the cats around the house with it!

Micro Vectron - I Want One Of Those:
The Micro Vectron is a free-flying dream. Unlike many other hovery flying things, this wonderful gizmo truly is a piece of cake to fly. Simply charge it up (for a mere 14 minutes), point the infra red Remote Thrust Transmitter at it (i.e. the Remote Control in normal language), and you're off. It's almost disconcerting how easy this thing is to fly.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Micro Battling Tanks - I Want One Of Those

Oh, my. Yes I do want one of those! Actually, I want a whole battalion to play with. Can you imagine mass battles across an empty field with 20 or more players? Too bad it's in the UK. Micro Battling tanks can be found at I want one of those.

Micro Battling Tanks - I Want One Of Those:
The point of Micro Battling Tanks is, of course, to battle, and whether you're trundling along with a German Tiger 1, or rumbling towards your enemy with the Russian T34/85, you're about to start a game of micro-warfare that'll have you well and truly hooked. Each tank is able to 'fire' an infra red beam, and every time it fires, it has a deeply cool little jump-back recoil. If you're unfortunate enough to be 'hit' by another tank, the light on the turret will blink, and your tank will freak out, spinning crazily in a circle. You only have four lives before your tank is disabled in battle, so watch out (though you can of course re-set your tank after it's been disabled).

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Festive Robot Antics at Gadget Spy

What could be better than robots at Christmas? Gadgetspy takes a look at all the robots out this year.

Festive Robot Antics at Gadget Spy:
So with Christmas hovering over us I thought I’d pull together some of the finest robotic toys currently available to keeps the kids and adults alike occupied during the queens speech-yawn.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Increase your blog traffic

Blogtraffic.org is in beta right now and they're willing to make a deal. While they are in beta testing stage you can get 500 credits per referral! Cheatproof IP checker means we will be packed with genuine surfers within weeks! They have a 1:1 traffic exchange and a 30 second timer.

Dancing Lights

These very cool lamps feature an artsy stick-figure with a decorative light bulb for a head. Each is posed in a dance position and they stand between 10 1/2" and 12" tall. Great accent pieces. Also, the light bulbs, which are decorated with silicone, can now be found at stores like Target and Wal-Mart. So replacements shouldn't be a problem.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Floating Pen

This cool pen actually floats upright, balancing on its tip with the help of magnets. Upright stand includes a built in clock. The perfect pen to complement you desk at work and at home!