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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Lighted Slippers

Move around your home at night without tripping or turning on the lights. When you begin walking with these very comfortable slippers, the pressure of your toes turns the light on, if it is dark. They have a bright LED light in the toe that guides you to the refrigerator or the bathroom without stumbles or stubbed toes. The light sensor responds to dark conditions and is weight activated, so it will only illuminate when you need it, extending the battery life. These slippers are soft, cushioned terrycloth with non-skid soles. You can hand wash them. Powered by 2 lithium batteries (included) that are easy to replace. Beige color. Available in the following sizes. Select your size when ordering.

Small that fit men's sizes 5 - 6 and ladies' 6 - 7
Medium that fit men's sizes 7 -9 and ladies' 8 - 10
Large that fit men's 11 - 12 and ladies' 11 - 13. eal present for comfort, safety and fun!

Lighted Slippers


Anonymous Mike Smith said...

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5:48 PM  
Anonymous Steven Dunlap said...

Original Lighted Slippers Inventor helps Children & Families fighting Cancer with expenses.

Hi, my name is Steven Dunlap and I am the original inventor of SeeLippers – Animated Lighted House Slippers for everyone in the house! I invented, created and designed these slippers in memory of my 9 year old niece who passed away fighting bone cancer.

SeeLippers were created as my bright idea to help children and families fight everyday expenses of dealing with Cancer. Both SeeLippers, Inc., & our national distribution company Steven Dunlap & Company, Inc., will donate 100% of profits from the sales of each pair of SeeLippers to those families who need help the most through Maegan’s Eyes Children Cancer Family Support Assistance Fund, a private philanthropic organization which was set up by Maegan’s uncle – me, Steven Dunlap.

I invite you to visit us at any one of the links and read Maegan’s Story and then you will understand what, why and how I plan to make a difference in as many families battling cancer as I can with your support and purchases of SeeLippers. http://www.maeganseyes.org – http://www.seelippers.com – and http://www.stevendunlap.com Thank you and God bless you throughout this joyous Holiday Season. Only together can we spread the light of giving. Personal questions welcomed by writing me at sdunlap@stevendunlap.com

3:49 PM  

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