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Friday, October 14, 2005

X-UFO remote control flying machine

The brand new 2005 X-UFO, recently unveiled is undoubtedly the most original Flying machine ever seen.

Completely ready to fly for up to five minutes under full three dimensional control, the X-UFO incorporates the latest miniature technology, utilising four powerful electric motors with two pairs of contra-rotting propellers and an innovative electronic gyroscope, for incredible stability.

The X-UFO is made of EPP Foam and plastics. The X-UFO may be flown up to 100m indoors or outside in calm conditions. One red and three blue flashing LED lights not only assist orientation and indicate when the gyro is up to speed, but also make it look just like a real UFO, especially when flown I the dark!!!

The X-UFO features four channel proportional radio control, with individual trims to finely balance each function for optimum performance. An attractive gift box incorporates a handy carrying handle and may be used for safe storage between missions.


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