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Thursday, October 13, 2005

118-in-1 Classic Arcade Machine

It comes with all the sound effects. There is no set up. For quick and easy selection of games, scroll down the on-screen menu by using the joystick. You can also instantly exit and re-select new games in a flash and there is even a pause button so you can return in your own time to finish off your game.

It's fitted with genuine arcade button and joystick controls for authenticity and reliability. The 14" high resolution colour monitor is protected by a high impact clear perspex protection screen. Mains on/off and volume controls are fitted to the rear of the cabinet. Available in either coin-operated or free-play versions.

Games Include:

Super Mario Bros, Paperboy, Defender, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong 3, Gradius, Galaga, Arkanoid, 1942, Super Contra, Duck Hunt*, Sky Destroyer, Pacman, Bomber Man, Track and Field, Tetris II, Millipede, Pinball, Kung Fu, Dig Dug, Wild Gunman*, Warpman, Lunar Ball, Golf, Excite Bike, Road Fighter, F1 Race, Lode Runner, Battle City, Raid On Bay, Mappy, Pooyan, Tennis , Baseball, Clu Clu Land, Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, Binary Land, Mario Bros , Five Dot Chess, Hogan Alley*, Jewellery , Burger Time, Son Son, Mach Rider , Sqoon, Chinese Chess, Gyrodine , Wrecking Crew, Adventure and Route 16, Star Force, Exerion, Formation-Z, Macross, Combat, Circus Charlie, Ninja, Lode Runner 2, Donkey Kong, Zippy Race, Wrestle, Popeye, Nuts and Milk, Devil World, Chack Pop, Front Line, Antarctic venture, Urban Champion, Arabian, Donkey Kong 2, Galaxian Joust, Knights Fight, Karateka, City Connection, Dr Mario, The Legend of Kage, Spartan X, Geimos, Galg, Clay Shoot, Thexder, Challenger, Door Door, Twinbee, Aladdin, Mickey Mouse, Bird Week, 10 Yard Fight, Ninja III, Star Soldier, Badminton, 100m Dash, Green Island, Power Contra, Power Mario, Golden Runner, City Road, Ringside, Building Wall, Long Jump, Coco Island, Space Contra, Sun Fan Mario, Bridge Fighter, Horse Circus, 100m Hurdles, Fighter Contra, Swimming Mario, Javelin Throw, Burhter Contra, Skeet Shooting, Triple Jump, Archery, High Jump, Jump Island, Fire Fighter. *These 3 games only operate with a gun


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