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Friday, October 21, 2005

Nav One Pro is the easiest-to-use GPS

Nav One Pro is still the easiest-to-use GPS, and now it comes with Traffic Alerts! Receive up-to-the-minute traffic information to help you avoid congested roads and accidents in 48 major metro areas. The new five inch touch-screen features fingertip moving of the map display and makes navigating the menus easier than ever.

Get a 5% discount.

Like the original model, the Nav One Pro comes pre-loaded with every street in North America, no complicated computer or CD downloads. Simply plug it in and it's ready. Featuring turn-by-turn route guidance with clear voice instructions, an ultra-bright color display, and over 7 million points of interest, you'll always get to where you need to be.

The Trip Planner allows you to program up to 10 destinations in one trip and the Trail Mode marks your return path when you go off-road. Comes with heavy-duty window mount and carrying case.


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