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Monday, October 17, 2005

Like to keep track of who's visiting your website?

This has to be the funnest way to keep track of your visitors. No more simple graphs and statistics (although those are available). This is webstatistics meets the sims. Check out the screenshots:

Visitorville has to be the most creative way to keep track of your visitors I've ever seen.

A Web Analytics Information Explosion

* See your website visitors as animated characters in a virtual city
* Watch visitors move from page to page and interact with your site
* See buses (search engines) deliver new visitors to buildings
* Pull up detailed 'Passports' on any visitor
* Replay website traffic from any date or time
* View dozens of professional reports in an instant
* Provide Live Help
* And so very much more!

Detailed Visual Website Analysis

* Switch to VisitorVille's "suburb" map for a different visual spin on your web traffic
* Same deep analytical information, in a more restful suburban environment :)

Dynamically Resizing and Illuminating Skyscrapers

* Buildings grow and shrink in real time proportionate to the number of visitors on your site
* Buildings also light up, go partially lit, or go dark based on the presence or absence of visitors. Perfect for visualizing exit pages.

Visual Click Analyzer

* See what percentage of visitors click on any of your links.
* Instantly determine the effectiveness of your web site architecture.

View Your City at a Glance

* VisitorVille has 3 zoom levels, and can rotate 360 degrees, to give you the perfect view of your visitors and their behavior
* Monitor as many pages, and as many websites, as you like!

Dozens of Reports

* Pull up reports for any timeframe in an instant
* Generate charts with a click
* Save reports in XLS, HTML, or TXT



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